India Accelerates in Building Resilience

Bhatt, M.R. et al.
Publication language
Date published
01 Feb 2018
Partnerships, Disaster preparedness, resilience and risk reduction, Urban design/planning

This issue of is titled "India Accelerates in Building Resilience" and tries to capture the various efforts in the form of international cooperation undertaken by India to foster resilience regionally and globally. For instance, India's efforts to leverage cooperation with countries like Russia and Bangladesh to pursue risk reduction outcomes are meticulously documented in this issue. Similarly, positive regional developments like the endorsement of the Disaster Management Bill in Nepal have also been highlighted in this issue. This issue also covers the all important role played by social sciences in identifying underlying risks and then evolving strategies to mitigate them. A historical perspective of the erstwhile city of Madras (now Chennai) is also presented here to depict how improper urban planning in modern times can lead to widespread distress during extreme weather events like the Chennai Floods of 2015. Topical in theme and broad in scope, this issue is a must read for all interested in India's efforts in fostering disaster resilience