Resilient Cities - Bridging the humanitarian/ development divide (Urban webinar #13)

15:15 - 17:15, GMT

The city we need can survive, adapt, and grow no matter what type of crises, be they chronic stresses or acute shocks. The city we need is resilient.

World Vision International and the International Rescue Committee, representing different sides of the humanitarian-development divide, co-organised the first Urban Thinkers Campus focused on urban resilience. Hosted by ALNAP’s Urban Response Community of Practice, this webinar explored the role of resiliency in bridging the humanitarian/development divide in order to achieve durable, sustainable, and multi-dimensional outcomes appropriated to the local context following urban crises.

Focusing on two different case studies, one from a humanitarian context and the other from a development context, it uses the lessons learnt to propose recommendations on how we may achieve resiliency in our future cities. Key outputs from this webinar fed into the New Urban Agenda.

For more information, visit the Urban Thinkers Campus.

The speakers for this webinar include:

  •    Abdiaziz B. Yusuf, Livelihoods and ERD Coordinator, IRC Somalia
  •    Gurgen Boshyan, Humanitarian Emergencies Affairs Expert, WV Armenia