Chhattisgarh Reduces Risks and Builds Resilience

Bhatt, M.R. et al.
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Date published
01 Apr 2018
Local capacity, Disaster preparedness, resilience and risk reduction, Disasters

This issue of is titled"Chhattisgarh Reduces Risks and Builds Resilience". It highlights the key lessons and experiences of various stakeholders (both government and non-government) in taking concerted actions to build the resilience of Chhattisgarh against the aforementioned risks.

Chhattisgarh has been identified as one of the richest biodiversity habitats in India and has one of the most dense forest covers in the country. It is also the 10th largest state in terms of geographical area, the third largest in terms of forest area and has the second largest mineral reserves. These advantages has boosted the rapid growth and urbanization to holds the top rank in terms of development expenditure to GSDP ratio.

However, the state is exposed to multiple disaster and climate risks. This is evidenced by the increasing incidence of floods, drought, road accidents, fire, industrial accidents, man animal conflicts etc. with each passing year. Thus, it is important to protect the economic prosperity, ecological bounty and social diversity of this state from the ravages of disasters and emergencies.