Market Analysis for Urban Humanitarian Response (Urban webinar #12)

15 Dec 2015
16:30 - 18:30, GMT

Why is it so vital to consider urban markets when responding to crises? What tools do humanitarians use? What adaptation is needed for the urban environment and for assessing markets for displaced and host populations? What are the challenges and opportunities that come with market analysis in the urban context?

This webinar focused on how market analysis can support effective urban humanitarian response. From Oxfam, Global Emergency Food Security & Vulnerable Livelihoods Advisor Alexandre Gachoud, presented Oxfam’s history and approach to market assessment. Drawing from his extensive emergency and development background, Alexandre looked at the origins and futures of market assessment, and what it can bring to urban response

Laura Phelps and Emmeline Saint spoke about NRC’s experience conducting Emergency Market Mapping and Analysis (EMMAs) in urban areas, having specifically looked at education and youth markets in Irbid, Jordan and water, house rental and credit markets in Goma, DRC. They will discuss the practical aspects of EMMA analysis in the two different urban contexts, including challenges faced and how the analysis has led to programme adaptation.