Area-based Programming and Coordination Approaches in Urban Response (Urban webinar #11)

27 July 2015
14:30 - 16:30, GMT

Area-based approaches are geographically-based, multi-sectoral, participatory ways of responding to urban crises. These approaches are increasingly being called for in research and policy documents, including featuring in the recommendations for the urban track for the World Humanitarian Summit. But how much do we know about them?

What are the challenges and opportunities of area-based approaches? What practical examples do we have? What evidence is missing? Are area-based approaches appropriate for all urban contexts? How do humanitarians transition to an area-based approaches? Do area-based approaches replace or complement a sector-based model?

This discussion-based webinar looked at these issues and others through a discussion of ‘area-based’ programming and coordination. Facilitated by ALNAP’s Paul Knox Clarke, the webinar included a short presentation by researcher Elizabeth Parker and then a discussion/Q&A session with Paul, Elizabeth and two operationally-experienced panellists:

Andrew Cusack, Senior Coordination Officer

Holly Fuller, Program Manager, Typhoon Haiyan Recovery Program, Catholic Relief Services