Call for proposals: ALNAP's panels at IHSA 2018

15 May 2018

Has any progress been made on the key issues addressed by the World Humanitarian Summit? Should those who made commitments be held more accountable for fulfilling them? What role can high quality monitoring, evaluation and research play in answering these questions?
ALNAP is organising two panels for the upcoming IHSA conference: if you or your organisation has worked on the issues, please contact a [dot] obrecht [at] alnap [dot] org (subject: Call%20for%20proposals%3A%20ALNAP%2FIHSA%20panel) to submit an abstract describing what you can share from your experience.

Please note: while the IHSA website is asking for paper submissions, the ALNAP panels will not require written papers; only short presentations.

Find out more about our panels:

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