School Safety and Security: Reflections

Bhatt, M.R. et al.
Publication language
Date published
13 Sep 2018
Children & youth, Education, Protection, human rights & security

This issue of is titled "School Safety and Security: Reflections" and deals with this important theme in extensive detail. This issue highlights how different stakeholders including the government, teachers, students and various civil society organizations (CSOs) are coming up with various innovations to protect India's large school going citizens.

This issue contains articles from reputed academics, practitioners and experts who have worked on the theme of School Safety and Security.
This issue's contents includes:

  1. School Safety and Security: Reflections;
  2.  Hydrology and Drought: India's Priorities;
  3. Assam is Reeling Under Floods Again, Here are 4 Key Problems faced by Children;
  4. Children and Youth as Game Changers in DRR and CCA in the Philippines;
  5. Flood Durable Shelters in Assam;
  6. Disaster Risk Resilience through Sustainable Development–A Case of Building Construction Materials;
  7. Links between Uncertainty and Transformation; (viii) Child Protection in India; (ix) Heat Wave and Human Suffering: Building a Case for Further Research and Policy Debate;
  8. Need for Peri–Urban Planning Course in South–Asia and
  9. Harnessing Satellite Technology for Smart Climate Risk Transfer Solutions.