Dhaka | 2022 SOHS panel discussion

20 May 2023
10:30 - 13:30, GMT +6

The COAST Foundation, with the support of ALNAP, is organising a seminar to discuss the findings of the State of the Humanitarian System Report 2022.

The report, published by ALNAP, focuses on the period from January 2018 to December 2021 and assesses the size, shape, and performance of the humanitarian system against key criteria over time. The report is based on evidence from frontline practitioners, crisis-affected populations, academics, policy-makers, and donors, and draws on qualitative and quantitative data from primary and secondary sources. The report also includes a case study on Bangladesh.

The seminar is particularly relevant to Bangladesh as it is home to almost a million Rohingya refugees living in densely populated camps in Cox's Bazar since 2017. The humanitarian response to the Rohingya crisis has faced challenges and stress tests over the past more than five years, raising fundamental questions about the purpose, place, and performance of the humanitarian system.

The seminar aims to provide a platform for representatives from various humanitarian organisations, including local and national organisations, INGOs, and UN agencies involved in the Rohingya response, to discuss and analyse the findings of the State of the Humanitarian System Report 2022 and its implications for humanitarian action in Bangladesh and beyond.


  • Mr. KAM Morshed, Senior Director Advocacy for Social Change, BRAC
  • Mr. Sharif Jamil, Secretary General, BAPA
  • Mr. AKM Jashim Uddin, Director, ADAB
  • Mr. Gawher Nayeem Wahra Disaster Forum
  • Mr. Abdul Latif Khan, Disaster Management Consultant
  • Mr. Arifur Rahman, YPSA
  • CCNF vii. Ms. Sheuly Sharma, Jago Nari Unnayan Sangsta and CCNF
  • Jennifer Doherty, ALNAP Research Fellow and co-author of The State of the Humanitarian System 2022